Bem vindo

ao canteen


Segunda-feira a Domingo

12:00 - 24:00



Rua Sara Afonso,
Norte Shopping, Loja FM-07
‪4460-841, Sra. da Hora, Portugal


+351 229 542 114

Who we are

Chutnify first emerged to fill a glaring void in Berlin — to create a vibrant, inviting space where people could enjoy authentic Indian food. This journey brought a fleet of previously unknown superstar South Indian dishes to the city: crispy and light dosas, our specialty, filled with an array of curries and stews, from classic masala potatoes to fragrant ‘keema mattar’. Modern and unexpected dishes complement the dosas, such as the spicy and crispy ‘vada’, the complex and tangy ‘bombay bhel’, the truly addicting ‘samosa chaat’ topped with glimmering pomegranate seeds and the fluffy, puffy and chutney-absorbing ‘idlis.’ For those who want to try a bit of everything, our dazzling thalis offer a mixed platter of tastes and smells.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday

6pm - 11pm

Saturday and Sunday

12pm - 11pm